CloudCannon is a cloud-based content management system and hosting provider for static and Jekyll websites. Agencies, freelancers and enterprise teams use CloudCannon to deliver CMS editable websites to clients and non-technical team members.

Sign up or learn more about CloudCannon at cloudcannon.com.

Many features in CloudCannon are backed with Jekyll, a popular static site generator.

Learn Jekyll with CloudCannon Academy, our comprehensive set of guides, videos and curated resources.

Getting Started

Getting an editable site online is easy with CloudCannon:

  1. Sync or upload files to CloudCannon with GitHub, Bitbucket or Dropbox
  2. CloudCannon builds and deploys your website to your test or custom domain
  3. Add class="editable" to HTML elements you want editable
  4. Share the site to your team and/or clients

Follow the Tour to create a site for CloudCannon and explore the available features.


Get the most from CloudCannon by following the documentation for each feature:

File Syncing

Sync files with a storage provider to keep a history and enable developers to keep their favourite tools. CloudCannon supports GitHub, Bitbucket and Dropbox.


Edit content inline with the Visual Editor. Use the distraction-free Content Editor for Blogging, Collections and Data Files. Structure metadata with Front Matter.


CloudCannon has fast hosting built in, but you have Options. Create Custom 404 Pages and 301 Redirect old URLs. Add Contact Forms for customers to contact your clients.


Set Custom Domains when sites are ready and checked on automatic Testing Domains. Group sites under one domain with Subdomains.


Let clients update their sites with Client Sharing. Share the workload by giving full access to Developers, and editing access to Non-Developers.


Limit visitors with Password, Account or SAML authentication. Serve sites in multiple languages with Internationalisation. Show different content based on Geolocation.

Contact us at support@cloudcannon.com with any questions or feedback.