This release marks the end of our Jekyll and Jekyll plugins betas. Jekyll support is stable and accepts most configurations. We’ve also added some additional features and improvements.


  • Plugins automatically enabled on all new sites
  • Jekyll used by default to build all new sites
  • Jekyll version for new sites updated to 3.2.1
  • .nojekyll file to force legacy static builds
  • Removed Jekyll and beta indicators from interface
  • Support for custom Jekyll source directories
  • Support for Jekyll baseurl
  • Configurable uploads directory for images uploaded in Visual and Content Editors
  • Support and Site Settings interface for Jekyll command line arguments
  • Added support for .haml files
  • Editor support for custom kramdown configurations, including GitHub flavoured Markdown
  • Navigating to generated pages in Visual Editor
  • Maximum timeout for syncing operations increased
  • Google reCAPTCHA support in Contact Forms


  • Fixed rich text issues when inside arrays or objects
  • Fixed edge case with some values in social interfaces causing errors
  • Fixed issues with some CSV files not being able to add rows
  • pages collection no longer clashes with the Collection / Pages section
  • Hide Show Output button for static sites since they have no output
  • Fixed timezone issue when using plugins