This release marks the launch of an ongoing commitment to accessibility. We’ve redesigned most of our interface, with the aim of enhancing visibility improving user-experience. Some of the changes you might notice are:

  • Changes to many of the colours throughout the app
  • Changed default font and font-weight
  • Increased border weight and thickness
  • Changes to input and button dimensions

…and much more!

We’re particularly proud of the changes we’ve made to our brand colour and font. Our new colour adds greater contrast throughout the app interface, increasing legibility. The changes to our font were also motivated by accessibility, along with giving CloudCannon a more modern look.

We’re also releasing private-beta support for another SSG: Hugo! 🎉
Contact support if you’re interested in taking part.


  • Overhauled user interface with increased accessibility
  • Updated sign up flow
  • An updated favicon for browsers using dark-mode
  • Private-beta support for Hugo
  • An option to build fully-static (non-SSG) sites


  • Fixed a bug showing incorrect syncing status
  • Fixed a bug causing erratic authentication behaviour 
  • Fixed behaviour when saving changes to front-matter in the source editor
  • Fixed a bug causing the save-bar to disappear sometimes
  • Select boxes can now use number values