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Builds / General


CloudCannon builds all sites with Jekyll.

Sites without a Gemfile are built with:

$ jekyll build

Sites with a Gemfile are built with:

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll build

These commands are run in the root folder of your site.

If your Gemfile isn’t in the root folder, set the BUNDLE_GEMFILE environment variable to tell the Bundler where to find it. Setting this requires that your gems are specified in the _config.yml file.


Static sites work seamlessly in a Jekyll build, gaining access to more editing features in CloudCannon.

In a legacy CloudCannon static build, files are copied to the live site almost as is. CloudCannon performs optimisations and processes static-specific hosting features on the files.

To force a legacy CloudCannon static build for a site, add a file called .nojekyll to the root folder. There’s no need to set this except for sites built with legacy static features.


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