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General fixes

January 11, 2018 minor

This release contains general fixes and consistency changes.


  • Create organisation button is disabled after submit
  • Collection breadcrumb is consistent with navigation
  • Permissions of files maintained in syncing
  • HTTPS upgrade is a 301 instead of 302
  • FTP output reliability and performance
  • External org users issues
  • Reduced trial emails

New and Improved Front Matter Interfaces

December 21, 2017 minor

This release focuses on the front matter editing experience and general fixes.



  • Improved sync speeds
  • Large CSVs are loaded faster
  • Rotation on jpeg images is applied on upload
  • Switch editor state and context menu text is no longer set to brand color
  • Credit card failure messages on change plan more obvious
  • Clicking remove in the CSV editor removes the last row
  • Layout select doesn’t blank field if set to missing layout
  • Credit card form shows error messages
  • New lines in markdown table content
  • Underscores escaped in markdown output
  • Space after first three dashes stopped front matter editor loading
  • Front matter _number no longer blanks non-number fields

Sierra Safari Fix

December 09, 2017 minor

This release fixes the editor in all older versions of MacOS.


  • MacOS before High Sierra Safari editor size
  • Empty brand add button working in all browsers
  • Scroll into view on file create works in new design
  • Collection configure has correct spacing and doesn’t error

Outputs & Custom Editor Toolbars

December 06, 2017 major

This release adds two major features, the option to output a generated site and editor toolbar customisation. See our feature post in our blog.



  • Hex validation on brand color
  • Build icon spins the right way in Status and alignment fixed
  • Add items to a certain cases of front matter arrays
  • Download invoice fixed
  • CSV editor now works with no entries
  • Extensionless URLs redirects to / instead of /index.html for index pages
  • Name spaced editor injected CSS
  • Force HTTPS now works on password pages

Redesigned App & Org Branding

November 24, 2017 major

This release changes the layout of our app pages and adds org branding features. Read release post at


Old sites list


New sites list

Redesigned Login Screens

November 03, 2017 minor

This release changes the layout of our pre-app pages including login, sign up and Client Sharing login. More changes coming soon.


Old login screen


New login screen

Publish Requests

October 14, 2017 minor

This release provides support for merging with pull requests instead of a direct merge.



  • Forking a template now saves a better repository full name rather than relying on a redirect

Post Maintenance Fixes

October 03, 2017 minor

This release fixes a number of issues raised during the last maintenance and updates release.


  • SSL certificate uploads
  • Better 404 responses
  • Clone file


October 02, 2017 minor

This release includes general fixes, updates and a number of infrastructure updates.


  • Updated Bitbucket logos for new Atlassian branding


  • / no longer inaccessible if default editor path set
  • Better reporting for Bitbucket repositories with insufficient permissions
  • Better GitHub error reporting after transferring a connected site with insufficient permissions

GitHub Publish Branch and Front Matter Editor Links

September 01, 2017 minor

This release adds two features for customising the editing experience for your team. We have expanded our editor links feature by allowing links to page variables. We have replaced the GitHub merging interface in the site settings with an editor friendly publish workflow. Developers can select a target branch which Editors can publish their changes to using a new publish interface.


Editor Default Path

August 24, 2017 minor

This release adds the ability to configure a default path to load when the sidebar editor link is clicked. This is useful for sites that don’t use /index.html.


File & Collection Sorting

August 11, 2017 minor

This release adds the ability to sort your collections and files. This includes sorting by custom front matter attributes. Try it out on any site in any collection.


  • Sorting for collections
  • Blockquote editable support


  • --future flag on by default for new sites
  • Image resizing fix for firefox

Image Resizing

August 01, 2017 minor

This release adds the ability to define sizes to resize images in front matter and content editing.



  • Replace spaces with hyphens for uploaded images
  • Front matter editor adding empty lines
  • Uploading a file in front matter overwrites any previously uploaded files with the same name
  • Colour front matter inputs full width on data files

Organisation SSL Fixes

July 17, 2017 minor

This release contains a number of fixes for SSL on organisations.


  • Transferring a certificate caused downtime
  • SSL certificates on an organisation were added to the user
  • Password updates caused logout
  • HTTPs forcing caused double query string on protocol upgrade

Browser Filter

July 11, 2017 minor

This release introduces a text filter/search input wherever you or your clients select a file. The various interfaces for selecting a file or page has been consolidated and made consistent. A large number of fixes have also been made.


  • Browser text filter
  • Consolidated file browser views for Explore, Page Selector, File Browser and file/page pickers


  • Team members with the Developer role can now correctly control site authentication
  • Prevent edge case where file permissions are being changed on save
  • Fixed some combinations of 301 redirects being ignored
  • Corrected pricing for additional team members reported in some interfaces
  • Renaming a newly created folder no longer causes a copy to remain
  • Fixed issue preventing ability to delete site if GitHub syncing given bad credentials
  • Fixed escaped slash characters not being preserved between editors
  • Title from Jekyll defaults no longer applied to data files in the UI

Maintenance and Fixes

June 20, 2017 minor

This release includes upgrades and fixes to our infrastructure, backend systems and interface. Most notably, greatly increased performance when saving files and building sites.


  • Team page in Personal Settings
  • Vastly increased performance when saving, syncing and building.
  • Improved and upgraded interaction with Dropbox
  • Increased Testing Domain combinations
  • Preinstalled new Jekyll and nokogiri versions
  • Updated new default Jekyll version used when left unspecified


  • Fix issue preventing site delete
  • Routing issue causing endless loading in some cases
  • “Invalid Date” display issue in Safari
  • Routing issue causing unintentional UI flicker
  • Corrected invoice display order for long standing users
  • Fixed UI errors when front matter “title” is not a string
  • Fixed GitHub merge UI
  • Fixed sync error not showing if no provider connected to a site
  • Fixed default subsection in Status section
  • Pages inside node_modules folder no longer shown in Explore section
  • No longer sending erroneous failed payment emails at end of trial in some configurations


June 06, 2017 major

This release improves our team features and pricing. Create organisations to manage groups of sites and team members.


  • Organisation support
  • Improved pricing plans for teams
  • Transfer sites to organisations and other accounts
  • Client Sharing interface now shows status of site sync and build
  • Pre-installed latest Jekyll versions for site builds


  • Site icon interaction with custom source
  • Edge case for publish in Client Sharing causing infinite loading
  • Some large files causing syncing issues with Bitbucket
  • Fixed length restriction on generated filenames
  • Infinite redirect issue when connecting a storage provider from the File Browser

Contact Form Security

March 21, 2017 minor

This release hides the email addresses that contact forms send emails to from the served output of your sites. This prevents robots from reading these from your live source.


  • Better Contact Form security


  • Issues related to line ending preventing 301 Redirects
  • Client Sharing with baseurl set loads with the correct page
  • Fixed edge case preventing static files appearing in editor
  • Dates not appearing in invoice list for some users

Site Statistics

March 02, 2017 minor

This release provides visibility into hosting and build details for your sites. Find these details in the expanded site Status section.


  • Expanded Status section with graphs for builds and hosting


  • Build output no longer duplicates bundle install output
  • Fixed edge case causing internal error on build for some site configurations
  • Fixed redirect loop in editor in some configurations
  • Mixed case sometimes conflicting with optimisations

Experimental Build Setting

February 21, 2017 minor

This release adds a new build server to resolve issues with libv8 and therubyracer.


  • New experimental build server, toggle on and off in Site Settings / Build


  • IP Rate limiting on SSL endpoints corrected
  • Data file navigation fixed on recursive objects

General Bug Fixes

February 15, 2017 minor

This release includes a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Jekyll 3.4.0 preinstalled on build servers
  • Clone file works for all file types
  • Better performance on legacy file servers


  • Upload path corrected on particular base path case
  • Link menu position on firefox rich text front matter corrected
  • Disconnecting storage provider workflows improved
  • General client editor issues resolved

Storage Provider Login

February 10, 2017 minor

This release provides sign up and login options for GitHub, Bitbucket and Dropbox. The fastest and easiest way to get started on CloudCannon!


  • Sign up and log in with GitHub, Bitbucket and Dropbox
  • Improved performance when building sites
  • Testing domains are unique forever and not reused after sites are deleted


  • Logout for site authentication issues
  • Some configurations with auth-routes.txt file
  • Missing CORS headers on optimised files
  • Prevent Client Sharing on free plan in specific configuration
  • MP4 video issues when serving to some browsers
  • Prevent linking the same GitHub account to multiple CloudCannon accounts

Performance and Stability Improvements

January 24, 2017 minor

This release includes fixes for a number of outstanding and recently discovered issues, increasing performance and stability across CloudCannon services.


  • Improved file caching
  • Better caching for 301 redirects
  • More configurations using the BUNDLE_GEMFILE environment variable now supported


  • UI consistency issues when changing the main domain or adding a site to the base domain
  • Edge case causing longer than usual delays serving some files
  • Activity log incorrectly reporting multiple changes for a single change
  • Styles for rich text front matter interfaces not loading in some configurations
  • Double left and right arrow symbol added to title filter for new drafts and collection items
  • Range HTTP headers set correctly for video files

Site Backups and General Improvements

January 12, 2017 minor

This release adds Site Backups which allows you to create downloadable zips of your site at anytime. Additionally this contains a few minor features and fixes.


  • Added Site Backups to Status page and updated storage provider reconnection process
  • Removed one site per repo/branch restriction on GitHub and Bitbucket sites
  • Double click button added to unauthenticate storage providers in account settings
  • Added –unpublished support to build options
  • Added ‘Copy Output URL’ to the file context menu
  • Nokogiri 1.7.0 and preinstalled
  • Rubyracer 0.12.3 preinstalled


  • Invoice dates now indicate the correct period
  • Publish issues resolved
  • DNS record and base domain fixes

General Fixes and Improvements

December 20, 2016 minor

This release fixes newly reported issues and includes a number of quality-of-life improvements.


  • URLs can now be entered directly for image Editable Regions with the options set.
  • Extensionless URLs are now supported when importing or entering a URL for image Editable Regions.
  • Files with any file extension are now served.
  • /404/index.html is now used for a fallback if /404.html does not exist when rendering a custom 404 page.
  • Double-click confirm button for unauthenticating storage providers on account.


  • Publishing a draft with empty date now correctly populates the field.
  • Fixed sharing issue where non-developers could not be shared site after sign up.
  • Editor pending changes prompt now correctly triggers when using the Page Selector.
  • Characters now render correctly in recent activity under site Status.
  • Switch to Source Editor button no longer disappears after a front matter parse error in the Content and Visual Editors.
  • Blank line at the end of a CSV file no longer causes a parse error.

Free Jekyll Templates

December 09, 2016 minor

This release adds a choice of free Jekyll templates to the empty site state. Included in this release are a number of additional features, aesthetic changes and bug fixes.


  • New design for empty site choices
  • Ability to use or fork templates on an empty site
  • Option to prevent “save password” browser prompts in client editor
  • Preinstalled Jekyll 3.3.1 and other gems on all build servers
  • Added support for cite editable elements


  • External images now load in the collection view
  • Letter spacing no longer affects image popout text
  • More Git syncing error handling
  • Rich text front matter interfaces fixed on array position change
  • Compressor rewriting edge case srcset correctly
  • Image upload using custom Jekyll source correctly
  • Edge case populating multiselect from collection defined as object
  • Other general fixes

Static site fix

November 15, 2016 minor

This release is a hot fix for users experiencing problems when updating a static (non jekyll) site.

Custom Environment Variables

November 04, 2016 minor

This release brings a number of general improvements and fixes, including an interface to set any custom environment variables for your Jekyll builds. Saving files and sync tasks are now much faster.


  • Custom environment variables
  • Publish consolidated into one commit
  • Sites with Jekyll safe mode now supported
  • Better sorting of mixed case files
  • Greatly improved save times


  • Prevented a build issue with cyclic references in Jekyll sites on CloudCannon
  • Fixed overlapping styles on Client Sharing login page
  • Fixed rich text editor interface when in root level array in YAML files
  • Prevent smart quotes allowed in URLs created with the editor
  • Fix cases of missing/reappearing files in File Browser

Syncer Overhaul and Improved Filename Support

October 18, 2016 major

This release improves file syncing, bringing increased reliability and error reporting. Extensionless and mixed case filenames are now fully supported. A number of smaller fixes and features are also included.


  • Improved speed and reliability when syncing between all providers
  • Syncing errors now displayed in site Status section
  • Extensionless filename support
  • Mixed case filename support
  • Support renaming Dropbox connected sites
  • Visual Editor now consistent with CloudCannon hosting URL rules


  • Unique storage provider locked to a single site
  • Consolidate initial sync direction across all storage providers
  • Prevent filenames exceeding maximum length
  • Prevent non-ASCII characters being stripped from filenames in the editor
  • Fix font preview interface
  • Fix populating multiselect from collection items in nested subfolders
  • Fix nested paragraphs within list items when saving Markdown files in the Content Editor

Categories, tags and timezones

September 30, 2016 minor

This release provides improved default interfaces for categories and tags, better timezone support and general fixes.


  • Multiselect with inline adding for categories and tags front matter
  • Date/time pickers save values as they appear in standard Jekyll format without timezone


  • Issue preventing account delete with Dropbox attached
  • Normalisation issues from some unicode characters in URLs resulting in 404s
  • Activity list icons missing background colour

Extensionless URLs

September 22, 2016 minor

This release features support for extensionless URLs and improved unbuilt file handling in the Visual Editor.


  • Extensionless URL support
  • Option to redirect to extensionless URLs
  • New Site Settings / Hosting section with consolidated options


  • Opening unbuilt files in the Visual Editor waits for build
  • _comments and _defaults populated by Jekyll defaults work for non-output and unbuilt files
  • Non-output HTML collection items open in full screen front matter editor rather than error
  • Creating a collection item with a text extension no longer adds that to the title/name field

I18n improvements, updated path selector UI and general fixes

September 05, 2016 minor

This release includes a number of improvements to i18n, source configurations and an updated path selector interface.


  • _path front matter now defaults to upload from computer and has select from browser as an option button
  • Localised sites now inject the language code into the lang attribute on the html element
  • i18n state added to the Status section of localised sites


  • Full page activity feed for non-developers
  • Collection tab broken when source is set to . or ./
  • i18n options are now only shown for pro sites with locales
  • CSS compressor no longer makes unsafe optimisations
  • Embedded data URLs no longer break after CSS compression
  • Path correction in i18n produces the correct URL
  • Assets within the editor are no longer cached unnecessarily

Out of Jekyll Beta

August 31, 2016 major

This release marks the end of our Jekyll and Jekyll plugins betas. Jekyll support is stable and accepts most configurations. We’ve also added some additional features and improvements.


  • Plugins automatically enabled on all new sites
  • Jekyll used by default to build all new sites
  • Jekyll version for new sites updated to 3.2.1
  • .nojekyll file to force legacy static builds
  • Removed Jekyll and beta indicators from interface
  • Support for custom Jekyll source directories
  • Support for Jekyll baseurl
  • Configurable uploads directory for images uploaded in Visual and Content Editors
  • Support and Site Settings interface for Jekyll command line arguments
  • Added support for .haml files
  • Editor support for custom kramdown configurations, including GitHub flavoured Markdown
  • Navigating to generated pages in Visual Editor
  • Maximum timeout for syncing operations increased
  • Google reCAPTCHA support in Contact Forms


  • Fixed rich text issues when inside arrays or objects
  • Fixed edge case with some values in social interfaces causing errors
  • Fixed issues with some CSV files not being able to add rows
  • pages collection no longer clashes with the Collection / Pages section
  • Hide Show Output button for static sites since they have no output
  • Fixed timezone issue when using plugins

General Fixes

August 12, 2016 minor

This release includes a number of general bug fixes.


  • Added .ics support


  • Live output from builds corrected in multiple cases
  • SSL cert chains corrected for all sites
  • SSL added to the base domain if it is not used as the main domain
  • Uploading the same files to a seperate site now works
  • Site icon upload now shows a progress
  • Dropbox correctly unauthenticates
  • non-breaking spaces are removed from code blocks when converted to markdown

New and Improved Front Matter Interfaces

August 09, 2016 major

This release includes a number of new front matter interfaces, a redesigned site Status section, and general bug fixes.


  • Fresh design for Status section
  • Social front matter interfaces (Google+, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and email address)
  • Rich text front matter interfaces (Markdown and HTML)
  • Number front matter interface
  • Image and document front matter interfaces
  • Option to provide default values for new array items in front matter
  • Separate billing email address to receive invoices
  • SSL and other security improvements


  • Fix some gzip issues when serving files
  • Remove invoices potentially appearing over the free trial
  • Prevent potential broken links when using @import in CSS files with optimisations
  • Prevent error caused by syntax validation in some cases
  • Fixed build error display in Visual Editor
  • Fixed issue when syncing an extremely large number of files
  • Select front matter interface sorting issue
  • Minor style fixes

Live Compiler Build Logs

July 19, 2016 minor

This release adds live output from Jekyll builds. This also allows you to view output from successful builds rather than only failed builds.

View the live output from any build


  • Live outputs from Jekyll builds. Click Show Output in the sidebar or Status section to view a live stream of logs during a build
  • Output of a successful build is available in the Status section


  • Apostrophes in post titles no longer slugify to a dash
  • Better handling of invalid authentication states
  • Image cropper not working in certain cases
  • Preventing Move to new folder if the folder has the same name
  • Missing images in the Visual and Content Editors have a more informative error message

File server optimisations and post publish improvements

July 11, 2016 minor

This release contains SEO improvements for the file server and a better publish workflow.


  • Improved publish for draft posts. When a date is specified in the front matter, CloudCannon uses that for the published filename. When the date field is empty, CloudCannon populates it with today’s date and uses that in the filename. If there is no date field, CloudCannon uses today’s date in the filename.
  • YAML/CSV now only copies the structure from previous entry when creating a new array item rather than the values as well
  • Text-based files are served with a utf-8 character encoding
  • URLs ending with */index.html redirect to */


  • Better preloading on route changes after uploading large lists of files
  • @import in CSS files no longer prevents compression if the imports are external URLs
  • Context menu missing for folders in File Browser
  • Fixed error messages on File Browser load
  • Protected GitHub branches now disconnect if a push fails
  • Code tags no longer escape HTML characters when saving to Markdown
  • Fixed issue preventing optimisations in some cases

YAML Comments

June 30, 2016 minor

This release marks the much-awaited arrival of front matter comments in the Settings Panel. Scores of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes are also included.


  • Comments/notes for front matter in the Settings Panel
  • Download file option in the file context menu
  • Links to pages made in Visual Editor and Content Editor formatted as pretty URLs if possible
  • Blank option for select fields
  • Settings Panel and Toggle Settings button hidden if front matter is empty


  • Fragment/hash hrefs no longer navigate out of Visual Editor
  • The placeholder/input when creating new drafts and collection items starts in view when there are many files
  • Replacing images in the Content Editor no longer resizes the image to the size of the editor window
  • Syntax highlighting for YAML files includes .yaml extension
  • Hide context menu for files if only option is Open file
  • File context menu uses collection name in the Explore section
  • Remove rename and delete for data files in Explore section
  • Fix Posts showing up twice in Explore section with some Jekyll configurations
  • Fix add button label changing in front matter array interface on click in some configurations
  • SSL certs now applied to all subdomains
  • Fixed some edge case path rewriting when saving or publishing drafts/posts in subfolders
  • General style fixes

DNS Improvements and Plugin Fixes

June 22, 2016 minor

This release further streamlines our domain and DNS workflow, particularly with apex domains and External DNS. Issues with Jekyll Plugins have been fixed from feedback from users in the private beta - contact support to join if you haven’t already.


  • Clearer workflow for DNS and configuring domains
  • Support for multiple TXT records with CloudCannon DNS
  • Instructions and interface for configuring an apex domain on External DNS
  • CloudCannon interface support for Jekyll versions >= 3.1.4


  • FTP syncing issue
  • Dropbox to CloudCannon syncing issues
  • Solved plugin issues related to latest nokogiri version
  • Files and folders starting with an underscore are now hidden when browsing files in front matter _path selector
  • Improved error handling for creating a new files from Collection Defaults with invalid front matter
  • Improved error handling for SSL

General Fixes and Speed Improvements

June 07, 2016 minor

This release increases the speed of all file operations (saving, syncing and serving etc.) and resolves issues discovered via support.


  • Improved speed on all file operations
  • Storage provider icon replaces file browser icon when connected


  • HTML code within tilde code blocks are no longer escaped
  • Unauthorised GitHub accounts handled more gracefully
  • Updating the title or date on a post within a category folder will no longer remove the post from the category folder
  • i18n rewriting mailto and data URIs
  • Additional DNS empty form fields
  • Uploads are tagged with the correct author in GitHub
  • Consistent capitalisation on context menus
  • “Move to a new folder” replaces spaces with hyphens
  • File browser ordering broken when a folder starts with a -
  • File drag styles fixed
  • YAML editor with array as base child has “Add <singular>” instead of “Add Detail”
  • Hidden folders no longer appear after creating a new folder

Plugins Fixes

May 13, 2016 minor

This release fixes a few early bugs found in the plugins private beta.


  • Added --drafts to compiler error if Output Draft Posts is enabled
  • Better compiler output from plugin builds


  • Gemfiles can be created in the File Browser
  • Titles missing from Page Selector
  • Gemfiles can be synced with storage providers
  • Storage providers were unable to connect for some cases
  • Layout select in front matter editor now works with subfolders

Plugins Beta

May 10, 2016 major

This release marks our first official support for custom plugins. Get in touch if you want to be part of the beta. Read on for the full list of features and bug fixes included.


  • Private beta for Jekyll plugin support
  • Update filename for blog posts when the title and date are changed in the Settings Panel
  • Prettify index.html in editor breadcrumbs
  • Code editing for .coffee, .scss, .sass, .rb and .json in Source Editor greatly improved
  • Output path shown in Explore / Pages section
  • Improved UI for JSON and YAML files with array as only child
  • YAML/JSON editor uses prettified filename if no title exists


  • Prevent items in Explore to be moved above their base path
  • Fixed comments added by keyboard shortcut in Source Editor for .scss files
  • Fixed issue when navigating to a page displayed scrolled down
  • Prevent naming issues with non-documented, Jekyll-supported named posts

Improved YAML editor and better empty site state

April 25, 2016 major

This release improves the user experience for editing YAML files and adding files to an empty site.


  • Improved YAML editor with redesigned breadcrumb and layout
  • Added hide_content setting to enable a full screen YAML editor for front matter
  • Added non-output items to the page selector and enabled the control on all pages
  • Status navigation item now displays what is happening during a sync, build or compression
  • After creating a new collection item the new view will be scrolled into view
  • Improved SSL security
  • Validation on SSL certs when uploaded


  • Collection tab displaying at incorrect times
  • Layout select box now populates correctly
  • Prevented internal classes from leaking into saved content
  • Better handling on invalid YAML and front matter

Inline Editing on Markdown Pages

April 13, 2016 major

This release adds inline editing of Markdown content. This feature means that posts, collection items or pages written in Markdown are editable in the Visual Editor automatically. View the related blog post or the Editable Region documentation for more information.

Markdown content region editable in the Visual Editor


  • Inline editing on Markdown pages
  • Object and array support for Contact Forms


  • Span tag edge case issue fixed in Content Editor
  • GitHub syncing no longer missing files on some large commits
  • Underscores are now allowed in CNAMEs
  • Unsubscribe link updated in Contact Forms
  • Fixed some cases of bad pluralisation in Settings Panel

SSL Private Beta and General Improvements

April 01, 2016 major

This release announces the start of our SSL private beta, new file types, better pasting from Microsoft Word, a new collection configure interface and general improvements/fixes. Contact support to join the SSL private beta.


  • Custom SSL support released
  • Better Microsoft Word pasting
  • Configuring collection metadata is now edited in a sidebar consistent with the editor views
  • Added webp and cur file types
  • Added support for empty arrays in front matter (defaults to string entries)
  • Improved documentation


  • Explore section visible when Collection Defaults are the only entries
  • Empty strong, em and u tags removed from Markdown output on save
  • DNS configuration preventing invalid spacing
  • Fixed issues with windows line endings
  • Entities not escaped when displaying breadcrumb in editor
  • Spacing around images in Markdown editor adjusted to represent position relative to text
  • Dragging an image onto an image editable region no longer errors
  • Potential memory leaks fixed
  • Empty strings or nulls in the front matter now result in no value in YAML
  • Issues with pages without front matter fixed
  • Multiselect input fixes, including object support, and spacing
  • Safari style on DNS settings

YAML Multiselect/Tagger

March 08, 2016 minor

This release adds a multiselect/tagger to the range of interfaces for Jekyll front matter and YAML. This is perfect for categories, tags or country code selectors.



  • Fixed empty front matter and editables causing odd behaviour.
  • DNS interface layout fixes for Safari.

General Fixes

March 02, 2016 minor

This release contains minor fixes and improvements.


  • th elements added to supported inline editable regions
  • Collection Defaults added to progress items in Site Status


  • Fixed support for syncing empty repositories.
  • Fixed an issue with DNS interface for non-apex domains.
  • Header context buttons now display correctly mobile sized screens
  • DOM elements now cleaned up properly for colour and date pickers
  • Site icons displayed consistently across app
  • Remove Rows context button no longer shows for CSV files in code view
  • Front matter editor no longer outputs empty quotes for blank values

Jekyll Versions and Expanded DNS

February 17, 2016 major

This release allows users to select the version of Jekyll used to build each site (including Jekyll 2.4.0, 2.5.3 and 3.0.3). DNS has been expanded with CNAME and A record support.


  • Jekyll 3.0.3 and 2.5.3 support.
  • Jekyll versions configurable per site.
  • CNAME and A record support in Site Settings / DNS.
  • URLs in the srcset attribute support CloudCannon optimisations.
  • Jekyll build error output accessible from sidebar.


  • Fixed an issue with unsupported filenames.
  • Fixed an issue with conflicting paths when syncing with Dropbox.

Colour Picker

February 11, 2016 minor

This release adds a colour picker to the range of interfaces for Jekyll front matter and YAML.

CloudCannon front matter interface including new colour picker


  • Check for changes call on Status page for Dropbox connected sites.
  • Colour picker added to front matter interfaces.
  • Improved performance when syncing from storage provider webhooks.
  • Switch to Bitbucket webhooks from Bitbucket services (deprecated).
  • Branch connected shown on storager provider settings for GitHub and Bitbucket sites.


  • Fixed error appearing the first time image button was activated in the content editor.
  • Fixed an issue where site icons were not displayed correctly on the base domain section.
  • Fixed an issue when HTML was escaped in Liquid highlight tags.

Dropbox delete fix

February 10, 2016 minor

This release is a hot fix for some users experiencing problems when deleting files in CloudCannon when the site is connected to dropbox. GitHub syncing previously allowed syncing of unsupported files, this has also been patched. A larger feature release will be online later this week.

New sites list and syncing fixes

February 01, 2016 minor

This week’s deployment focuses on usability changes to the sites list. Site names are no longer required to be unique with the exception of Dropbox connected sites. Storage provider details are displayed on the sites list to help distinguish between environments. If a site icon contains transparency it will be displayed with a padding around it. Alternatively if the site icon has no transparency the image will be shown to the edge its wrapper.

Empty blogging interface

Syncing improvements ensure that sites stay synchronised when reconnected. When connecting a Git repository, all files on CloudCannon are reset to the state on the selected branch.


  • New sites list design.
  • Site icon pixel reading to optimise viewing.
  • Videos and audio files are served from a CDN.


  • Resetting a connection will delete files in CloudCannon. This often left sites in an intermediate state.
  • Syncing with GitHub or Bitbucket no longer syncs the _site and node_modules directories.

SAML configuration and syncing fix

January 28, 2016 minor

This release contains additional configuration for SAML users. This allows a custom issuer for grouping sites into authentication groups. Additionally, a fix for initial BitBucket syncs getting stuck for long periods of time.

Editor links, Markdown attributes and general improvements

January 25, 2016 minor


  • Editor links have been added to the visual editor to allow customisation of your interfaces.
  • Commit hashes are available on each site activity from GitHub and Bitbucket.


  • srcset and sizes attributes are now valid attributes within the Markdown editor. These were previously filtered out on save.
  • Renaming folders to the same name with different cases was causing odd behaviour.
  • Prevented multiple error messages on upload failure.
  • Removing i18n from a site would cause the site to get stuck with the previous i18n.
  • Bitbucket initial syncing got stuck in a particular state.

Syncer Fixes

January 08, 2016 minor

This release includes minor bug fixes, focused around storage provider syncing.


  • Fixed some assets not loading in the editor due to inconsistently escaped unicode characters
  • Prevent issues with folder names containing “.”s
  • Consistent loading symbol contrast on all backgrounds
  • Fixed a race condition issue when syncing
  • Renaming a collection item will now correctly identify the extension

Syncer Overhaul

December 22, 2015 major

This release features major changes when interacting with storage providers. Sync operations between GitHub, Bitbucket, Dropbox and FTP are now faster, more reliable and have greater visibility in CloudCannon.


  • Better syncing process for storage providers
  • Check Changes button for storage providers in Status section
  • Sync step added to Status section
  • Improved interface for adding domain names and managing DNS
  • Save button more prominent


  • Loading animation fixed for Firefox and Safari
  • Sidebar display for users with no first name or surname
  • Date parsing issue preventing Status section loading in Firefox and Safari
  • Hide asset files in Page Selector for non Jekyll sites
  • Fixed Bitbucket sync sometimes writing errors to file

Drafts and Collection Defaults

December 16, 2015 minor

This release gives developers the option to set the Jekyll --drafts flag, and provide defaults for new collection items and blog posts.


  • Output draft posts option in Site Settings
  • Collection Defaults for pre-populating new collection items and blog posts
  • More output for Jekyll build errors


  • Fixed incorrect styles on some error detail pages

Site Status and New User Flow

December 10, 2015 major

This release includes consolidated interface changes and the site status feature. You can find more details on the release the associated blog post.


  • Status section for site state, errors, suggestions and activity
  • Improved empty interfaces detailing next steps
  • New file creation menu with option to create folders
  • Explore section behaviour matched with File Browser
  • Onboarding when sharing to team members without accounts has improved
  • Folders in Explore view now prettified


  • Potential flickering in share UI resolved
  • Fixed pages collection showing when no pages exist
  • Fixed pages collection hiding some valid files
  • Fixed navigation issues with collection item breadcrumbs within folders
  • Inconsistencies between pages shown in Edit section and Explore section

User experience improvements

November 27, 2015 minor

This release includes various user experience improvements and fixes.


  • GST displayed on New Zealand invoices
  • White-labelled email when creating adding users with user account authentication
  • HTML formatted, white-labelled emails for password reset with user account authentication
  • HTML formatted, white-labelled emails with the form submission feature
  • Open collection items for editing when created
  • Serve ico and pdf files from CDN


  • Prevent plain single and quotes from being turned into entities in our editors
  • Fixed a flickering issue when sharing site to team members
  • Use user input for title of new collection items rather than formatted filename
  • Hide image files in collections interface
  • Remove problematic control characters from filenames on create or upload
  • Fix issue running UglifyJS on very large files

Performance and Reliability

November 17, 2015 minor

This release includes performance and reliability improvements to our back end processing.


  • @import in plain .css files now supported
  • Disconnect storage provider when given a not found from GitHub/Bitbucket


  • Create site visual flicker removed
  • Markdown conversion maximum run time

Compiler Overhaul

November 03, 2015 major

Since the last release, we’ve focused on back end performance and infrastructure. Performance and stability has increased across most of our services, including an improved system for processing sites. Sites are now processed, compiled and compressed faster and more reliably.


  • Native browser spellcheck support
  • Improved style on payment detail emails


  • Issue with repeatables on non Jekyll sites

Link editor improvements

September 28, 2015 major

This release includes a redesign of the link pop out in the Visual Editor. The design is more consistent and streamlined for users. The preview mode is no longer required.


  • Client interface preview, support and documentation URL options
  • Button for adding new array item improved
  • Kramdown for Markdown parsing to match Jekyll
  • Support for .ejs files
  • Move up a folder action for files in browser
  • Date support in CSV editor
  • Improved file actions in Explore / Pages section


  • Disable output and permalink editing for a collection in the Explore section
  • Prevent browser find overscrolling editor content
  • Start with template option removed
  • Ensure Jekyll indicator hidden in some cases for static sites
  • Prevent multiple applications of a coupon
  • Login screen users update correctly when email changed
  • New collection items with dates now formatted with ISO8601 format
  • Markdown pages displayed in Explore / Pages section

Site Speed, Highlight tags in markdown editor and pages list

September 21, 2015 major

A DOS attack early last week forced us to review page performance. The improvements made are:

  • Improved caching of the sites to get a ~5 times improvement in load speeds.
  • Applied rate limiting to a site to prevent malicious attacks on all sites.
  • Blocked common attack vectors for a Wordpress/php site to reduce load on servers.
  • Blocked pinging services that clog your google analytics. These flooded referrer stats to gain backlinks.
  • Compression on sites are now performed immediately after a Jekyll compile.


  • Added support for highlight tag in markdown editor. This retains the content like a pre tag.
  • Users will need to downgrade before deleting their account to stop accidental deletions
  • New pages list in the Explore section. This allows clients to navigate and clone pages
  • Added support for category posts folders. Each category is listed in the Explore section. For example, posts in /cats/_posts are separated from those inside /_posts. All drafts remain in /_drafts/, upon publishing the category decides where they should go. No change will occur if you have all posts in /_posts.


  • Safari client editor failed to login on first use
  • Client editor move/delete files were not working for some users
  • WebSocket connection fixed for firefox windows
  • Auth routes broke in some cases
  • General bug fixes and tweeks

Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

September 11, 2015 minor

  • (Feature) base_path is reset to “” on every site so that it does not break interface
  • (Improvement) Better icons on git repository lists
  • (Bug) Paste as plain text fixed if pasting from Microsoft Office
  • (Bug) Browser list icon will now show when in a grid view rather than showing current state
  • (Bug) Improved parsing with mixed liquid and html. This will ensure a closer mapping to native Jekyll
  • (Bug) Ctrl/Cmd + S will trigger a save in all editors
  • (Bug) Unbolding broke in some cases
  • General bug fixes and UI tweaks

Minor UI and Bug Fixes

September 04, 2015 minor

  • Editor navigation menu now splits Posts, Pages and collection items into their own category
  • Bitbucket syncing fixed for branches including a slash (/)
  • A new calming blue login background
  • Background images removed from client login screen
  • Removed sidebar background flicker when changing between views
  • Less scripts loaded to improve performance
  • Client uploads to the /upload directory get spaces stripped from filename
  • Extra spacing to improve input boxes
  • (Bug) Markdown editor produced data uri for loading images when saved
  • (Bug) Browser icons overflowing onto file list when in a dialog
  • (Bug) CSV editor fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Extra credit card details

September 01, 2015 minor

This release contains a fix preventing some users from making payments.

  • Added extra credit card fields that some banks require
  • Disabled linter for unsupported file types
  • Fixed issue cancelling while creating collection item
  • Fixed Safari 9 issues on El Capitan preview
  • Fixed an issue with plan migration
  • Fixed spacing on sidebar header
  • General bug fixes

Improved UI and Better Team Pricing

August 28, 2015 major

Today we introduce a new pricing model. This creates a better agency flow with less upgrade steps and white-labelling. You can read more about it in our pricing change announcement.

CloudCannon will look very different. Everything from the login screens to the app layout has changed. Here is a complete list of the UI Changes

  • User navigation has its own routes and is available in a single sidebar. This gives you access to all settings in a single place and frees up the header for contextual controls.
  • Site navigations merged into a single sidebar. Labels are always visible which removes the need to remember which icon is which.
  • New icons site wide from Google Material Design.
  • New UI added to allow easier navigation to other pages within the visual editor.
  • Uploads have a new encoding without spaces or brackets. This solves some encoding issues when outputting to a page.
  • A new plans page within account settings which gives better visibility to your payment details
  • Currently shared to users show up in site sharing for easy resharing
  • Sharing interface tidied to allow faster updates to existing shares
  • Background images added to login and sidebar header
  • Better mobile styles in all sections of the app
  • Markdown editor handles files starting with an hr or an empty yaml header
  • Font changed from Roboto to Open Sans
  • General bug fixes

Bitbucket Improvements and Liquid in Markdown

August 19, 2015 minor

  • Liquid is no longer mangled by the markdown editor.
  • Seamless Bitbucket Connect login process.
  • Better Bitbucket disconnect behaviour.

Markdown Improvements

August 14, 2015 minor

  • Improved Markdown output
  • Posts now sorted by dates correctly
  • Table output support in Markdown editor

Internationalisation and Performance improvements

July 30, 2015 major

Internationalisation needed an overhaul. The new Internationalisation uses 302 redirects instead of the transparent internal redirect that occured. The new implementation uses redirects and different paths for each language. If is requested in NZ a 302 redirect will occur to and it will served the NZ locale. If is requested the ES version will be served with no redirect as the locale is already defined in the path. Due to this change a default locale setting has been added which is available once a locale has been added to the _locale folder.

On top of Internationalisation are the following fixes:

  • Link selector in the visual editor got a slight tidy up
  • Better mobile response for context buttons
  • Bug preventing share permissions changes when at full shares
  • The file browser retains your current folder allowing better use of the back button
  • Additional cache headers on optimised CDN assets
  • Better permalink detection for HTML visual editing
  • General bug fixes

Build Settings

July 24, 2015 minor

This release provides options to control your site build:

Authentication Overhaul

July 20, 2015 major

This release has a complete overhaul of the site authentication. This includes:

  • User accounts allowing you to limit access to your site based on an email address
  • Authenticated routes allows you to have private sections of a site
  • Date/time front matter interfaces
  • Prototyping sites no longer require a password. Instead viewers will be presented with a splash screen before viewing the site.
  • Internationalisation language detection incorporates the country more effectively.
  • Disabled HTTP access on
  • Better date handling on draft posts. If a date is already defined when published it will maintain that date
  • Syncing with GitHub handles force pushes
  • General bug fixes