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The Content Editor is an elegant rich text editor for Markdown files. Clients and team members use this to edit formatted Markdown without having to know the syntax or use a plain text editor.

The Page Selector shows a list of pages, posts, drafts and collection items to navigate to. Use the Toggle Pages button in the top right corner to access it.

Content Editor

Hiding the Content Area

When files only use the front matter, it is better to display a full screen front matter editor. Toggle the content section in the Content Editor using the _hide_content variable. Configure it with one of the following methods.

The collection definition in _config.yml:

    output: false
    _hide_content: true

Directly in the front matter:

title: Hello World
_hide_content: true

Jekyll defaults in _config.yml:

  - type: 'projects'
      _hide_content: true

Content Editor with no content section