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Editing / Editors

Data Editor

The Data Editor is a group of input fields. The inputs shown are dependent on your keys and values. See Inputs for a list of choices to tune the experience.

YAML, JSON and CSV files open in the Data Editor, most commonly in the _data directory (configurable in _config.yml as data_dir). The use cases for data files include: office locations, restaurant menus, staff members and opening hours.


- name: George Phillips
  email: george@cloudcannon.com
- name: Mike Neumegen
  email: mike@cloudcannon.com
- name: Ross Phillips
  email: ross@cloudcannon.com


    "name": "George Phillips",
    "email": "george@cloudcannon.com"
    "name": "Mike Neumegen",
    "email": "mike@cloudcannon.com"
    "name": "Ross Phillips",
    "email": "ross@cloudcannon.com"

YAML/JSON interface


Editing / Editors

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Editing / Editors

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