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Create and manage Jekyll blogs with CloudCannon.

Jekyll blog posts are files located in the _posts folder, with filenames in the YEAR-MONTH-DAY-title.MARKUP format. The contents of a post file starts with front matter, and has the content underneath. For example:

title: My First Blog Post
The content for my post is here.

* Markdown is great for developers
* CloudCannon has an easy-to-use interface for non-developers to write Markdown

To access the CloudCannon blogging interface:

  1. Add a Jekyll site with at least one post or draft
  2. Go to the Explore / Posts or Drafts section

Empty blogging interface

To start a new draft from the Explore / Posts or Drafts sections:

  1. Open the Add Files menu in the top right corner and select Add Draft
  2. Enter a title/filename for the post and press enter

Your file is opened in the Content Editor. Front matter for the file is populated from Collection Defaults or an existing item to keep the structure consistent.

Draft posts are hidden on your live site unless set otherwise in Site Settings / Build.

Creating a new draft

There are a number of ways to add content for your new draft:

  • Type the main content directly onto the page
  • Insert images, links, and style your text with the editor controls above

Once the content is finished, publish your post with the button provided in the top right. Posts can always be edited after publishing.

The owner and developers of a site can access the source via the Switch to Source Editor button.

Editing draft

Front matter (e.g. title, description and thumbnail) is updated in the Settings Panel, accessed by selecting the Toggle Settings button in the top right corner.

Hide front matter by putting it in Jekyll Defaults instead.

Editing draft with Settings Panel open

Title and Filename Sync

CloudCannon renames blog post files automatically when the front matter title is changed, in order to keep filenames, titles and URLs consistent. If you wish to disable this behaviour, set the following for each post in your front matter or with Jekyll Defaults:

_disable_title_filename_sync: true

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