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Publish Modes

Available with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket syncing.

The publish mode determines if publish is a direct merge or a pull request. Merges have less overhead, while pull requests can link to external builds, checks and workflows.

To change the publish mode for a GitHub or Bitbucket connected site:

  1. Go to Site Settings / Files / Publishing
  2. Select Merge or Pull Request
  3. Click Change Publish Mode

Storage Providers interface

Publish requests

Pull requests are called Publish Requests in CloudCannon to better fit the publish workflow for editors. Publish Requests provide an intermediate step for publishing, where external services connected to the GitHub Status API (if using GitHub) check the changes pass your requirements.

Any pull requests that are not from the connected branch to publish branch are hidden in CloudCannon.

The workflow with this publish mode is:

  1. Make changes to site
  2. Create a Publish Request
  3. Review the request, along with any checks from the GitHub Status API (if using GitHub)
  4. Publish or Close the request

Publish merges the changes into the publish branch, while Close cancels the Publish Request. Changes made are not reversed after closing a Publish Request.

Publish Request interface


Files / Publishing


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Files / Publishing

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