Files / Source Syncing


Connecting Dropbox allows you to work on your websites locally and have the changes sync to CloudCannon. File changes made on CloudCannon also get synced back to Dropbox.

To connect a Dropbox account and start syncing files, follow these instructions:

Go to Site Settings / Source Syncing and click Connect next to Dropbox.

Storage Providers interface

A dialog box warns you if there are existing files in your site. The files will be replaced with the contents of the Dropbox folder. Click Connect Dropbox to continue or close the dialog to cancel the process.

This takes you to Dropbox, enter your credentials to continue.

Dropbox authentication

Click Allow to give CloudCannon access to a folder in your Dropbox. CloudCannon only has access to this folder, not any of your other files or folders.

Dropbox authorisation

Dropbox is now connected to CloudCannon.

Storage Providers interface with Dropbox connected

Adding files to your local folder Dropbox/Apps/Cloud Cannon/[Site Name] syncs them with CloudCannon. Any changes made on CloudCannon sync back to this Dropbox folder.


Files / Source Syncing

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