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CloudCannon DNS is strongly recommended for sites on apex domains (no subdomain). External DNS relies on an A record mapped to a single server. This cannot be dynamically load balanced, reducing redundancy and increasing potential down time risk.

If you are using Cloudflare as your DNS provider, you will need to configure your DNS records differently. See our guides for using a Cloudflare Proxy with CloudCannon.

If you want to host a site on CloudCannon, but manage your DNS records externally, you can use External DNS. To configure your domain with External DNS, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are using External DNS. Otherwise click External DNS and Switch to External DNS.
  2. Note the CNAME and A records provided by CloudCannon.
  3. Go to your external DNS provider and find the DNS settings for your domain.
  4. Set the CNAME and A records to match those provided by CloudCannon.

Site Settings / Domain section with external DNS

The CNAME record maps your subdomains to CloudCannon servers. The A record maps your apex domain to a specific CloudCannon server.

Here is the DNS documentation from a few domain registrars:


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