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Adding a subdomain is the same as adding a Custom Domain. To add a subdomain:

  1. Go to the Site Settings / Domain section
  2. Enter the domain including the subdomain

Site settings domain section with subdomain

If your domain is, adding www. to the front defines www as the subdomain.

Multiple Subdomains

When there are multiple sites with subdomains on the same domain, a subdomain is delegated as the main domain. All unallocated subdomains redirect to the sites with the main domain. For example:

  • A site has attached
  • Another site has attached
  • is set as the main domain

Visiting any subdomain other than or will redirect to

To set a site with a subdomain as the main domain:

  1. Create at least two sites with the same domain and different subdomains
  2. Navigate to the Site Settings / Base Domain section
  3. Click Set Main Domain on a site to redirect all unused subdomains there

CloudCannon Base Domain interface


Hosting / Domains

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Hosting / Domains


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