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CloudCannon provides preconfigured, fast and reliable hosting. CloudCannon builds, optimises and deploys your sites to Testing and Custom Domains. This includes advanced configuration e.g. Custom 404 Pages and Authentication

Hosting Externally

There are also a number of options to externally host your site while keeping the editing experience of CloudCannon.

GitHub Pages

If your site is already on GitHub Pages, you just need to connect the repository to CloudCannon. All updates made on CloudCannon are synced to GitHub, which then updates the GitHub Pages website.


GitHub and Bitbucket support webhooks, requesting a URL you’ve configured every time there’s a commit. Use this to run a script which builds your site and deploys it anywhere you want.

Travis CI is a popular (and free) option for doing this. Jekyll has a guide for building sites with Travis CI.


CloudCannon FTP sends updated files to your configured FTP provider. Another option is ftploy in combination with Git to get all the benefits of source control.


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Hosting / General

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