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Internationalisation (I18n) in a web sense is the act of making your website more accessible to an international audience. This can be broken into two separate parts:

  1. Translation: Serving content in the language of the viewer
  2. Geolocation: Personalising content to give relevant content for the viewer’s country

These are intentionally separate as a person living in a country is not guaranteed to speak the native language(s). Consider the case where a Japanese tourist is viewing a website in New Zealand (NZ). If I18n is handled with the above separation, the website would show the NZ content in Japanese.

Why I18n?

The short form I18n, can be broken down to the following:

  1. “i” (the first letter of the word)
  2. 18 characters
  3. “n” (the last letter of the word)

This is a form of abbreviation known as a Numeronym. Globalisation (G11n) is sometimes used interchangeably with I18n.


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Internationalisation / General


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