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Available on the Basic and Pro plans.

Collaborators are other CloudCannon users you have given access to one or more sites. Collaborators have two different share levels:

Editors make content changes with the Visual Editor, Content Editor and Explore section. They have access to the recent activity in the Reports section. The Source Editor, Site Settings and File Browser are hidden and inaccessible.

Technical Editors have access to all files, editors, the Site Settings are hidden and inaccessible.

Consider creating an organisation with your team members to give them access to all sites instead.

To share a site with a collaborator:

  1. Go to the Site Settings / Sharing section
  2. Click on the desired share level
  3. Enter the user’s email address

Sharing with a collaborator

To remove a user’s access or change their share level, click an existing user to bring up a dialog.


Sharing / General


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